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    Unhappy question on fonts
    Hi. So sorry if wrong forum, hope not

    I want to change my system font to Casual. So I find Font book, but how the H*** do you enable a font ??? I tried the help option and also Google, but there is no useful help to be found anywhere.... !

    Please help ? I can only see how to add new stuff and disable/remove, but not to enable... Thanx

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    I have read it is not possible, but I've also read that TinkerTool (found here) has support for changing fonts in cocoa apps. This may be worth a try, but it doesn't seem to provide a COMPLETE font change (from what I've seen with my own two eyes).

    Hope this helps!

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    UNless there is the word OFF next to the font then it is enabled

    BUt if you want to set the font for OS X menus etc. then download TinkerTool

    TinkerTool: Download
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    I think I used OnyX to change my fonts. Also free.

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