Hello, everyone! I seem to have messed up the location of my iTunes folder. I created a Guest account in which I wanted to share my iTunes music. I moved the iTunes Music Folder to the /Users/Shared folder. I then went to the iTunes menu and clicked Advanced->Change, changed the location & clicked Choose. I switched over to the Guest account to see if the music would show up. After I opened iTunes & clicked on Music. It did not. I figured that I did something wrong. I went back to The main account an dragged the iTunes folder BACK into the Music/iTunes folder. I went to iTunes Preferences & reset the iTunes location back to its original location. Now when I open up iTunes in my account and click on the music link nothing appears. I can go to the iTunes Music Folder, Click on a song, and it will appear on the list. The complete list is not there. I am running Leopard 10.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!