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    I am an expat girl living in Thailand
    The New Macbook
    Router or Airport for a CDMA 680
    Hi, I really love this forum and have gotten great feedback and info!!! thanks so much.

    Ok my next question..

    Where I live the only way for me to have internet is with the
    Franklin CDMA 680. My internet speed is not great but better then nothing. However everytime I open and close the mac book I must disconect and reconnect so I would like to attach this "cmda dongle" to a router or an airprot so there is just constant wireless in my house.

    Is this possible with an airport? To just stick this in the usb port of an airport?
    I am on the new macbook aluminum body.

    Here are the specs:

    800/1900MHz DUAL BAND

    Radio Frequency:

    Band Class 0: 800MHz
    (RX: 869 ~ 894MHz TX: 824 ~ 849MHz)
    Band Class 1: 1900MHz
    (RX: 1851 ~ 1910 , TX: 1931 ~ 1990 )

    GPS L1 band (1575.42MHz)
    RX Sensitivity: Nominal -106dBm
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