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    4.6.0 508 Available?
    According to a rep at the local AT&T support site - firmware version 4,6.0 058 is now available for the Bold. Should be able to get it via Wireless Upgrade under options. The latest listed there is ........297. Of course it wont’d download -failure message.

    I search everywhere and a ATT blog confirms 508 should be available per above.

    I talked to a Rim “expert” at ATT - he says I should first get Ver 7 of the desktop[ software. Have I bee asleep? I was under the impression that Desktop Manager for Mac would come out in September. No sign of it anywhere. I do have Pocket-Mac which may or ay not do the job.

    As of now, I can’t even find a link to DL to the desktop.

    Anyone had any luck - and is the BB Mac desktop software available?

    What truly amazes me is the lack of knowledge of the tech reps at AT&T 0 including the Rim specialists. He tried to convince me that the update I a referring to is to the DT software???????? Is it out? Where do I get It? He had no clue - and of course it is firmware we are talking about. Any luck or suggestions - please let me know. I am just about ready to switch to 3g s.

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    rboseley - i tried pocketmac but it failed. i had been having luck (i.e., no problems) using the trial of missing synch for bb on my bold. however, the trial expired, haven't decided if i will go ahead and buy it although mac/bb users suggest waiting for rim's version. have you checked over at for status? they may have some updated info.

    what no one has been able to answer for me, is the quality of rim's production software. i hate being a 'tester' for production software; i no longer have the patience to be an 'analyst'. specially after getting a mac. i just want it to work.

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    Thanks - I actually posted this in the wrong forum. It was intended for the BBForum. Senior moment.

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    I dont think Desktop Manager for Mac has been released yet. When I had my BB I would have to update it via a Windows desktop and with Desktop Manager.

    If you go to the RIM ATT software upgrade website you should be able to download the latest version and install it via Desktop Manager.

    The latest version there is v4.6.0.438?

    EDIT: ATT has removed the .508 update Info here:

    AT&T pulls BlackBerry Bold software upgrade : Boy Genius Report
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