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    slowly but surely dying to buy a mac
    So a few weeks back I decided that I would splurge on an apple ipod mini. This ipod mini was the first apple product that I have ever owned and I thought that it would be my last b/c well... its simply an mp3 player and nothing more. Strangely as the weeks went by with me using the ipod I became extremely fond of it and starting thinking about apple products in general. My PC laptop is due for turfing as its getting a bit slow and so I decided to walk into the apple dealer just to see what stuff they have to offer. To my amazement I was STRONGLY attracted to the ibook and powerbook laptops. After playing around on the mac for a bit I was pretty much sold on buying one. I can't really say why I want a mac over another pc laptop but there is a strange attraction to the mac. To make a long story short I have decided that I will sell my laptop and likely will buy an ibook G5 when it hits the market sometime next year.

    I'm dying to buy an apple now but I figured that the G5 is already in the imacs that its only going to be a matter of time before the laptops start seeing the G5 as well.

    Its a long wait but I think my patience will pay off when I save up enough money to buy the laptop that I so dearly dream about every day. Sound crazy? I think not...

    **** you Apple! **** you!

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    Desolate One
    G5 in an iBook? Not for a while mate.

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    well, G4 powerbook was introduced in 2001 if I em not mistaken, yet it took 3 more years before we saw G4 in iBook (10/2003).
    you may have to wait for a loooong time. if you still want to wait, try mini first, get the feel of a mac and its OS.

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    It might be a long time for the Powerbook g5 as well, the apple company is facing size issues, fan noise, and overheating in their prototypes

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    don't hang about
    Quote Originally Posted by MAC-simus
    well, G4 powerbook was introduced in 2001 if I em not mistaken, yet it took 3 more years before we saw G4 in iBook (10/2003).
    you may have to wait for a loooong time. if you still want to wait, try mini first, get the feel of a mac and its OS.

    it was ipod that made me think about the switch its the best move i ever made my Imac G5 is easily the best computing experience imaginable. The world of mac is nicer, cleaner, better and infestation free.

    it makes you turn your nose up at the peecee, and when you switch you may be in a minority, but it truly is a superior elite community.

    get it done life is too short.


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    I got a MacMini which has a G4 processor partly because I got an iPod as a gift, and was impressed with Apple workmanship, and partly because I always wanted a Mac but couldn't really afford one. I was using employer provided wintel laptops and a built-by-me 1GHz PIII RedHat Linux box. I still use a RedHat linux box at work because the unix like environment works best for me when I'm working, but for home use the Mac is awesome! Any computer I buy from now on (personally, that is) will be a Mac, and in the next year or so I might be looking for an iBook or Powerbook passing the Mini on to my wife. I'm okay switching every day from my Mini to my intel linux/windows environment at work but look forward to coming home to my "beloved Mac".

    So, basically what I'm saying is that if you are dying to get a Mac you should just go get a Mac in the form factor you choose. Unless you are going to be using Photoshop to make billboards or producing your own THX film production the G4 should be plenty. After perusing the Mac boards all over the internet I've seen plenty of people getting along just dandy with 400-800 MHz G3's with Mac OS X. A G4 has plenty of life unless you are a power hungry overclocking gamerz d00d type. And if you are one of those, well, a Mac probably isn't for you.

    Just make sure you get at least 512 meg of RAM. My Mini had the standard 256 meg for a month after I bought it and it was okay, but the 512 gives it that extra bit of capability that makes the Mac experience much more enjoyable and swap free.

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