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Thread: My baby was stolen

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    My baby was stolen
    I am a recent switcher. I have been using my 13" Alu Macbook since Feb, and absolutely love it. Well, loved was stolen from my house on Tuesday. I had upgraded the ram and HD on it and had just loaded Snow Leopard and all my apps, when it was stolen along with 2 Windows laptop, my Wii, Jewelry, and my fire safe with all the familys personal documents (and lots of other itms). I am sooooo sad !!

    So, I am waiting to see what my insurance company comes back with, but I think I am going to go for a 15" this time. I am now trying to decide between the glossy and non-glossy screen. I am an avid photographer, and use Lightroom and PS on the laptop. What does everyone think about the better screen choice? Any advice is appreciated. I may be hitting the Apple store on Sat. Thanks

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    Sorry to hear about that...really sucks!

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    Ah man I thought it was a real babby.
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