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    Will an imac perform as well as my pc?
    Hi, I am looking to buy my first mac the £1200 imac and was wondering if it is likely to perform as well as my pc, I work in graphic design using photoshop indesign illustrator, I sometimes work on big projects in illustrator, I want to be sure the imac will hold up something like the pc does. I know the specs are different but Im not sure how much ram plays in this to which both machines are the same, but not sure if the tasking of the mac will make it perform similar to the more powerful pc. Any thoughts on this would be apreciated.

    My pc.......

    Intel quad core Q8200,
    4gb ram,
    Graphics ATI radeon HD4800

    The imac.......

    2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4gb ram
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

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    Will an imac perform as well as my pc?
    If the machine specs are what you listed, yes.
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    I'm going to add, that sometimes if you need a Mac you need a Mac...even if the specs don't match up as well as you would like sometimes.

    Sounds to me in your case...that you only need a Mac that is comparable in performance to your PC...which pretty much means you NEED a Mac.

    Otherwise you would be looking for a "faster PC" or a "faster Mac"...with your new computer purchase.

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    If you are factoring in your time to the equation don't forget time spent on Malware protection - time and cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collin Bl View Post
    If you are factoring in your time to the equation don't forget time spent on Malware protection - time and cost.
    How could I ever forget this! What it sais for an operating system when Im considering getting a slightly less powerful (in theory) machine just to get away from windows!

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    No I'm afraid that a Mac won't work as well as a PC, it will work much better!

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