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    Macbook white and Dell Trinitron crt monitor
    I have a beautiful 20" Dell Trinitron CRT monitor I have been using for close to 10 years time. I want to connect it to my Macbook (white) and toss my windows desktop into the nearest dustbin.
    Everything I can find however, on the adaptor needed seems to concentrate on newer monitors of the flat screen variety. I got nothing left to buy any new monitor. Will that 30 dollar mini to VGA adaptor work with my old monitor until l can buy something new? My eyes are a bit old for 13 inch screens, save as internet surfers.

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    So you have the White Macbook? It has a Mini DVI port correct? Then the Mini DVI to VGA adapter should work fine with your old 20" Trinitron. I still own and use a 20" Trinitron on my Gaming rig. Great monitor.

    My eyes are not the best anymore with really small text, so I understand completely!

    This one should work. Is that what you were looking at?

    Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)

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    That's the one I was looking at. I just could not find a reference to anything with a crt. Thank you very much.

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