hello, im a Dj who uses Mp3 decks, which means that everytime i walk away from my MacBook i want to have a usb stick that is fully updated and synced to to my Itunes library.
i could go Itunes>file>library>backup.....

But... i dont want all of my songs from my library, i only want the ones in my 'student setlist' playlist folder. i have found long ways round to get the result i want but its a massive effort!!

when i add tunes to my itunes ill then drag ones i want from my library into individual playlists that are within the said folder. either into house, chart electro, or indie ect..

i then want to be able to plug in my usb pen drive, have the comp recognise a relationship between it and my playlists, wait for an automatic transfere and hey presto i can pull it out again and have a play on my decks. scripts, automators and the like go way over my head!

this sounds like a simple task to ask of a computer that i know is very advanced when it comes to music programming, but what buttons do i press uh???

cheers deano