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    Possible to make passwords visible?
    I entered a password on my Airport Utility which I forgot.

    All that was shown were bullets. Is there a feature to make the entered logins and passwords visible to the Admin?

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    Keychain may have stored it for you

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    For those not using some password software that automatically saves your passwords - I would encourage you to use Keychain Access for this.

    Whenever you're going to create a new password, open up Keychain, click on Edit in the menu bar and then New Secure Note Item. Create your new item, then copy & paste from the item into the username / password fields you are setting up. In this way there is no doubt that you have a correct backup for all your log ins.

    For your immediate dilemma - if you had 'Remember password in Keychain ' checked, it will be there. If you didn't, it's time to change the password and easily done - when you go into Airport Utility, click the Manual button.
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    in keychain access you can click on the password.. then select "show password" (which is a check box). It will ask you for your administrative password.. then you'll see the password in clear text.
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    Got an even better suggestion.

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