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    Accidentally deleted new quick time with Snow Leopard
    I got my first mac a month ago and just installed snow leopard. When I tried to open quicktime it didn't so I just thought I need to get the new. So I deleted it but now realize that it put a new one in and I need to get ride of the old one. Do I need to re-install snow leopard to get quick time. It is not available to get on the apple site. Thanks for the help


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    Yes, you need to reinstall.
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    if you had already done a lot of working setting up you SL and you are trying to avoid re-installing at all cost then you could use Pacifist to get the quicktime out of your SL disc and install just that since it is not yet available for download.

    that software allows you to grab packages from the SL disc and then install them. since SL is so new you will not find guides yet to see if this works for quicktime 10 but it wouldnt hurt to try since you are looking at re-installing anyway

    you can google about how Pacifist works though.

    you would not be breaking any laws/rules etc.. since you obviously have already purchased SL

    let us know if it works
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    No, you only have to reinstall SL if you have emptied the Trash since moving Quicktime there (what you referred to as "deleting"). If you have not emptied the Trash since then, go to the Trash and select QuickTime. Go up to the "Actions" button (the one with the gear on it) and click on "Put Back" from the drop down menu. If "Put Back" is not there, just drag QuickTime back into your Applications folder.

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    i deleted quicktime player from trash how do i reinstall it
    How do i reinstall quicktime player because i "accidentally" deleted from trash. i am using mac. please HELP!

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