When I switched to Mac I had all my files backed up on an NTFS formatted external HD. Rather than reformat it I downloaded NTFS-3G so I could read and write to the drive.
Using Azureus Vuze as my torrent client, I changed the download directory to my external HD as my internal HD is only very small. Now however, when I download a new torrent it doesn't show up in the folder I've allocated. You can access the downloaded torrent files if you select 'show in finder' from Vuze and click on them, and they're where I want them, they just don't show up when you open the folder in the external HD, and I want to know if this is because of using the NTFS-3G program, and if there's any way around that?! (Can't work out how to disable the program to check this as there's now icon for it in the applications folder...)