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    Couple Questions about SL & Upgrading
    Hey guys, this is my first ever mac upgrade, so ofcourse i have a few questions

    1. When i upgrade, will it erase all my files? i read engadgets review and it says that it just throws "incompatible" stuff in a folder, does this mean i should wait till EVERYTHING is compatible?

    2. Should i back up my stuff before i upgrade? (just as a safety precaution)

    and.. i swear there was one more, i guess if i think of it ill let you guys know?

    thanks guys

    EDIT: since this is also the switcher forums, i'd like to ask if there are any cool things for my mac that i could use.. i heard of quicksilver, i'm going to look into it, but i'm thinking more UI modification... or maybe more functionality (like quicksilver), i jsut feel very... STOCK.

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    #1: no, it won't erase all of your files. Some stuff it may shift - but only based upon Apples known incompatibility list it seems (I had cyberduck ftp (non-sl compatible) on my system and installed SL and it was still in my applications folder). Plus, you can always check to see if your files have been updated by the authors. Unless you have a program that you *need* that isn't SL compatible, then you don't have to wait if you don't want to.


    #3: It all depends on the user - mine is fairly stock and it doesn't bother me
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    hey man, thanks!

    i really appreciate it,

    i dont know if i will be updating to SL right away, ill give it a couple weeks but ill still pick up my copy.
    i'll for sure back up my stuff to my time machine (a must!)

    and yeah i'm still stock

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