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    Problems with External Hardrive
    All right...

    So, my hard drive was recently wiped to add new software from my school. I backed up my information using an external hard drive and the program time machine.

    When I re-registered my laptop, I skipped the option to upload files from external hard drive, however, the option told me that I could do that later using "migrant assistant". (Not sure of the correct title).

    Well, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to transfer these files without wiping my hard drive... which is not an option since I have all this new software on it.

    Is there anyway I can transfer all the files in one straight shot? I have so much music that was in ITunes and settings and such and would LOVE to just have the external hard drive files merge with the the macbook.

    Thanks In Advance

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    Migration Assistant is to be found in the Utilities folder in Applications. Just open it up and proceed from there when the external is connected. You have the option of transferring files, folders, operating systems etc. Have a read of this first, similar for Leopard:-

    Tiger's Powerful Migration Assistant - O'Reilly Media

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    Thanks for the article and response! Everything worked out great.

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