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    What are folder actions?
    Just moved over from Windows to OSX, still confused about somethings. What are folder actions? Sorry if it is a silly question but just needed to know if I should enable this option.

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    not sure yet myself, i just switched a couple weeks ago and loving it!!! things are a bit different but thats a good thing!

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    folder actions are sets of rules or actions you can set for folders, for example, when you click the gear in a finder window, you can have it arrange by name, etc, you can also make shortcuts to things youd do, like labeling, etc.

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    oooo Learn something new everyday, nice explantation Macman.
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    Another example: You could set up a folder so that whenever you drop a jpeg image into it, it's automagically renamed to 'My pics x', rotated by 90 and converted into a jpeg.

    Powerful stuff, just a bit difficult to get started with.

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