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    cropping in iPhoto
    Amazing how just when things are going well - I manage to run into another wall. So if you very kind and helpful folks will once again come to the aid of that rboseley - I will again be most appreciative.

    Now itís pictures. Iíll make it simple. I decided to make the beautiful Snow Leopard from the Apple site my desktop. So, I right click and add it to iPhoto library. Go to iPhoto and ďthoughtĒ I cropped it to leave off the writing on the left. Saved it. In the library it shows the new pic as cropped. I set it as wallpaper.

    Nice - but itís just like the pic from Apple - writing still there. Iíll just crop it again. Go into iphoto and now the pic is one of those very light grey entries which canít be opened. All the other library pic - brought over from PC - are fine,

    So what stupid error did I commit now? First why does the cropping not show and why can I no longer open it?

    Any recommendations of a good, inexpensive editor? I bought Photosuite years ago and have loved it. It of course will not run on the Mac; and the company apparently is long gone. OR is iPhoto a great editor I simply have not learned to use?

    Thanks again.

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    Please don't add or move pictures in the iPhoto library in your pictures folder. If fact look but don't touch as far as the iPhoto library file goes

    Add the pictures by dropping them into the open iPhoto app or iPhoto > File > Import to iPhoto.
    In iPhoto > Double click photo to edit > crop plus any of the other options > Done.
    Use System prefs > Desktop > iPhoto Albums to set as desktop.

    For simple cropping and saving pictures that you don't want in iPhoto Preview plus a normal folder in Pictures (right click > New folder) works well..
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    I don't think iPhoto permanently changes edited pictures, which is why even after you crop them you can return them to their original sizes. If the desktop is bigger than the picture or differently shaped, it might be trying to use as much of the picture as possible, even though it looks cropped in iPhoto.

    You can make another version of the photo that's been cropped in Preview and use that as the wallpaper. Gimp is a good free photo editor that is similar to Photoshop.

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    iPhoto makes duplicates of your original image so that you can revert back to it later.

    Originals folder = original photo
    Modded folder = photos that have been edited.

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