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Thread: Transferring files from HD to External HD

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    Transferring files from HD to External HD
    I've really never messed with an external HD before. I transferred files from my HD to my external HD. I then deleted the files on the HD so I can free up space. Thinking I had the files on my external HD, since they were visibly there, I tried to open them up and all was lost/gone/no where to be found. How do I take apps/documents/music etc... from my HD to my external HD without losing everything? I hope I explained it correctly. Please help.

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    How do you know the files that you transferred from the internal HD to the external were actually transferred? How did you do the transfer? What I suspect you may have done was create an alias of the files instead of actually moving them. Once the original files are deleted from the source (internal hard drive), the alias' would disappear.


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    I figured since I could see them in my external HD, they were there/transferred. I could open everything I had on there. As soon as I deleted from my HD I couldn't open any of the files. I dragged and dropped straight from the HD to the external HD. I'm guessing it was a mistake hmmm LOL! At the time it said copying such and such file to my external HD. I just want to know the proper way to transfer from HD to EHD without losing my files. Thank you for responding...

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    an alias is like a shortcut in windows and should have the same picture as the original file but the corner has an arrow: (look to the left).

    as for copying instead of making shortcuts ... I'd find out if I were on my mac
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