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    Talking This week is one year ...
    Pointless post but figure maybe able to help out anyone thinking about taking the plundge into switching over to the "Darkside" as I even once put it .

    I am 27 and have been a Computer/Network/PBx Tech ( in-field) the moment i left high-school . I was always a PC "Fanboy" and just never ever gave credit to apple . I myself swear I was cursed because any i touched at ANY job ( and last year of school ) just would either not work right or in one case the computer died about an hour after setup ... Anyways hopefully you get how against apple i was

    About 6 years ago my best friend decided to goto school for visual arts in NY , And of course with that It was only a matter of time before I knew he would have to switch over to apple for obvious reasons . In those 6 years I watched and under my breath ahhh'ed at how nice the UI was and how simple to do simple things . Very slowly I started to research into the Mac OS and what it had to offer , In the end the "fanboy" in me couldn't do it . I like building and tweaking/overclocking too much to switch .... Plus I game , there's no way I could do this I always thought . Long story short , I started contracting for a Local reseller and used leopard for the first time . I was amazed by the ease of use , the simple things were well ... simple . Drag and drop big files took minutes not almost an hour , And i'm talking like 2.5 gb files. The selling point to me was this little AMAZING program called Time Machine , This app alone should hook anyone . I couldn't believe there was a system restore that actually worked out on the market , AND COMES FOR FREE WITH THE OS. Holy wow

    I purchased a ipod first but I made my first purchase of a Apple computer last Aug.. It is a 1.83 Core2DUO Macmini to replace my BIG , CLUNKY , overheated server . I maxed the Mini out with a 4GB kit of ram and havnen't looked back since . I sold my BRANDNEW ( at the time ) HP tablet laptop and purchased my next Mac . I bought a "Black"book about 3 months later , did the same with memory and man the CPU just Screams !!

    I of course will either have some old PC tower or even been thinking about building another to have but my Mac has replaced my everyday and everything needs in my digital life . My Photography has just soared on a personal level .. Easy and FAST app's really help out the photo hobbiest and Music , both listening and making are just incredible on these.

    I HIGHLY suggest if you are thinking about making the switch to do it , Do like me and go small .. buy the mini try it out , get used to the OS . If you don't like it the resell on Mac's is GREAT , prob loose $75-100 bucks tops but I really don't think you would go back to PC. Apple has given Microsoft a run for there money and its finally paying off , it was only a matter of time I made the switch ...

    Now its someone else's turn

    Thank you all for help before and after my switch over . This place is a INCREDIBLE resource to MANY things apple related

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    my daughter insisted on a mac after her laptop died. when i played on her 'mac daddy' (mbp), i fell 'in love'. since then, everything computer related has been apple/mac. time machine 'converted' me. i have a broken tosh tablet whose warranty doesn't run out until 2010; my biggest concern is if they have to wipe off the hard disk, i'm in trouble - no recent backups.

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