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    I'm kinda new to Mac, but I didn't know how to do this with word either. I am building a resume and I want a thick Black or dark gray line under my heading that extends the whole page, and not just under the words. I also want to know how to shade some of the cells in tables light gray. If somebody could just point me in the right direction,I may figure it out,but I do not even know where to start. any help would be appreciated. Thanx

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    To create a line across the page you could either put your header information in a table and then use cell borders to create the line, or you could use the line item under the shapes menu, and then stretch it across the page.

    As far as shading, select a cell in a table then click on the inspector, and choose the table inspector tab, then change the drop down under cell background to color fill, and choose a color.
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