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Thread: Video Output with G4 Powerbook - bit of help please

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    Video Output with G4 Powerbook - bit of help please
    I have a G4 powerbook (bought July 04). I'm wondering what cables and settings I need to be able to output video to any standard composite inputs - basically any TV, VCR, etc. I'm guessing a specialized cable is needed, and also, I was wondering what settings in OSX need to be changed to allow for video output.


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    Desolate One
    You would need Apple's DVI to Video adaptor. It's like $20 from Apple.

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    My Powerbook (15") has an s-video out and came with a s-vid to RCA cable. Wouldnt that work as well.

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    Desolate One
    The current Powerbooks do have S-Video as well as DVI, yes.

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    My mistake - I left out that the powerbook is a 12 inch model - there is no s-video output.

    I see the necessary cable on the apple website, is it just a DVI to Composite video adapter or is there something more?

    Also, what would I do with this cable once I have it to add the second monitor? Is it in any way similar to the analgous process in Windows machines?

    Thanks all,

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    You would need the mini dvi to video adapter, not sold on the Apple Store web site. I think you need to ring Apple to order it. Or you can buy the dvi to video adapter, which is sold on the web site, and use the mini dvi to regular dvi (which should have come with your 12") as the bridge.

    As for your second query I cacn only speak from using VGA & DVI monitors and projectors as second displays. OS X recognises that you have plugged in a second monitor and will automatically output in extended desktop mode. You can then change any settings in the Displays preference in System Preferences. I'm assuming it will be the same for outputting to TV using the video asapter, but I am only assuming.
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