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    I accidently threw out timeliner and emptied it
    I had to submit a Timeline for school today, but I accidently threw out timeliner and emptied it!! What do I do!!!!!

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    If you threw it out and emptied the trash, there isn't much you can do. You could try something like FileSalvage but I can't guarantee that it will work (I haven't tried this either).

    Perhaps you should stop throwing things out. Your problems seems to stem from your need to trash files constantly. If you do need to keep doing this for some reason, you should really look into getting an external HD and use something like Time Machine or SuperDuper to make regular backups. At least this way you can retrieve files from backups if you get a little overzealous.
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    Between the two threads you have here now, I'd say you need to quit using the delete button and the trash can on your computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsizzle View Post
    I had to submit a Timeline for school today, but I accidently threw out timeliner and emptied it!! What do I do!!!!!
    As Van has suggested "FileSalvage" may be able to recover your files, however, if you have been using the drive, the files may have been overwritten which means they are unrecoverable by normal methods.

    Download their trial version to see if it can recover the files you deleted. If it can, you must register the program for recovery to work. ($89.95)


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