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Thread: server and g3

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    server and g3
    i was wanting to know if a g3 will run os x server or if it will be like crap

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    From Apple:

    Requirements - Xserve, Power Mac G5, G4 or G3, iMac, eMac or Mac mini computer; 128MB of RAM, at least 256MB of RAM for high-demand servers running multiple services; built-in USB; 4GB of available disk space.

    What kind of services are you planning to run on your G3? A regular install of OS X can do a lot (like hosting and serving up websites for example) so an expensive OS X server license may not be necessary.

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    well i know that regular os x will do lots...but i want web, mail, ftp, dhcp, stuff like that and i found it for cheap on ebay....i just wanted to know if it would be sluggish or not i know what it said on the apple website but i wanted to know if anyone has ever done it before

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    As long as it has sufficent RAM (I'd say more than 640MB) and a high speed connection it should run fine with regular OS X or OS X Server.

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    What speed processor has it got? I would be hesitant to go below 400MHz.
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