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    Apple Care inquiry
    hi, ordered and got my MBP last week and bought it with Apple Care. they sent me a CD (came in separately) in the mail.

    am I supposed to register Apple Care online or is it automatic?


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    I'm pretty sure you have to register, although the CD is just a copy of MicroMat's Techtools (or something similar). Check the'll tell you for sure.

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    The CD will actually step you through the registration process. Pop it in and follow the wizard.
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    If you bought the MBP with AppleCare, then it's possible that your Mac may have automatically been enrolled in AppleCare. However, just to be on the safe side, pop in the disc and verify that you have been enrolled.

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    thanks guys. I'll look at the cd tonight.

    fyi, I already registered the MBP the day I got it.

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