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    I think I should have taken an exam before switching. I seem to be brain dead from WAY to much DOS.

    Now itís backups. Somewhere I got the idea that one could not use IDrive unless one had an iPhone. Or was that mobilize me?

    Anyways, the idrive icon shows up in my apps. I click it, and am able to sign-in, so one night about 2:00 i must have signed up. I can pretty much stumble my way through most things, so I get a default back-up set selected, etc. I plugged in my WD external drive. Hit backup. Did my files actually go to my EHD or to that big HD in Apple country? (Which of course brings up the question - why did I buy an external drive?

    There was a little message craw on the screen saying my backup destination was [myname Macbook Pro folder]. It went away when I plugged in my HD.

    I still believe I was specifically told iDrive would not work unless................and thatís where I forget.

    If I can use iDrive - why do I have Time Machine. The way I got into this particular mess, is I ran Time Machine and this one screen just sat there telling me nothing. The light on the drive was flashing. When after an hour nothing seemed to be happening, I pulled the plug.

    SO - have I backed up anything? If so where to? I tried to exclude pics, itunes, and apps.


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    You have probably backed up to your external hard drive, not mobile me.

    However if you unplugged the drive while the backup process was still running it might not be completed. Plug the drive in and let it perform the initial backup. It might take some time depending on how much data it is.
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