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    Volume Shortcut on Keyboard not working

    I use to be able to change the volume up, down and mute using F12, F11, F10 on the keyboard but now when I do that weird things happen and the volume dosent change.

    I.e. The window opened scrolls up and hides at the top or it switches screens. I went to preferences and click exopse and change the settings so now it dosent do that.... but it still wont change the volume!!!?

    How do I fix this and restore it to default.



    Just realised to change volume now I have to press the "fn" key as well as the volume keys.... How do I restore it to default - so I don't need to press "fn"

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    System Preferences - Keyboard & Mouse

    On the Keyboard tab, you'll have to remove the check next to:
    Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

    Doing so however, may eliminate shortcut functions in some of your apps.
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    If you are talking about while running windows you will need to hold "fn" and press them to change the volume but if you are talking about running OS X and having to do this just do what bobtomay said and uncheck the box for using the F1, F2 etc keys, if this is checked you will need to hold "fn" to use any of the "pictured" features on the F keys (volume, screen brightness, etc.).

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