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    Lightbulb Opening Multiple Instances Of An Application

    I want to open multiple instances of java application. But i can't use 'Command + N' because that doesn't work for it. Any other that can work for me and i don't want to duplicate the file in my system because sometimes i have to run single copy and sometimes i need to run hundreds of copy of my Application.

    Regarding system: I am running this application on Laptop MAC Book Pro (Leopard 10.5.7)


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    Just to clarify: What Java application are you talking about? The command-N key opens new windows/documents, depending on the application...not sure what you mean by "multiple instances."

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    He means he wants the same app open 3 different times. Not new windows, I don't think, but an actual separate running version of the app. Not sure why he wants it, but I'm pretty sure that's WHAT he wants.

    Also, why does everyone in the switcher forum always capitalize every letter in the word Mac? It's not an acronym, just a clipping.

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    Thanks for your reply. Darkest you are very right that i want to run an application instances more than.

    zacharace I already said that's a java based application not word/excel file. Actually we have a server which receives data from multiple client and i want capture data for every client in my java based application that runs perfectly on windows. I can run multiple instance too. But in my Leopard I'm not able to do that.

    So please reply with a positive feedback.

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    This article will tell you how to run multiple instances of an application bundle but if I am correct, you probably don't have an app bundle. If it is just a jar file, why not simply launch multiple instances from the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/ Executing the following should do just this:
    java -jar <jarfile>
    Replace <jarfile> with the name of the jar archive. This assumes you are using a jar in the first place. If not, simply launch multiple instances of your class file:
    java <class>
    Again, replace <class> with the name of the class file.
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