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    Running parallels??
    How does running parallels affect the performance of your mac? (more specifically, the 13 in MBP with 2GB Ram)I Don't have that much RAM, but i would like to run parallels as well. Anyone have experience running this program with 2GB RAM? I won't being running anything to intensive, probably no or little games running thru windows.(I plan on using XP) Also, I've head that you need to dedicate an amoun tof memory to Paralllels? If I do so, but I am not running the program, will I have all 2GB of my RAM available for Leopard? Thanks!

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    Parallels v4 runs just fine on my 1.86Ghz 2GB RAM MacBook Air. I have XP SP3 and Win7 both set up to use 768MB of RAM so I can use some Microsoft applications (like Project & Visio 2007) for work. No problems here getting odds and ends done.
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    It does depend on what you need to use Parallels for and what OS you intend to run. I did run VMs with 2GBs of RAM and as long as you ensure that you have enough RAM for both your guest and host to meet your needs, you should be fine. Using the system requirements of the OS you plan to install is a good start for determining how much RAM you need to give to your VM.
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    I give Parallels 4 1Gb of RAM.

    I barely notice it running in the background.
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