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    trouble installing OS X
    Hello Mac Forums community. I found this site in hopes someone could help me figure out what I am doing wrong in terms of getting my macbook to run. the hard drive crashed - I ordered a western digital, 160gb hard drive. I installed it properly i know this. However, when I booted up my macbook everything was looking good again on startup....the little apple logo, screen and everything. I put disc one of mac os x startup disc in. still, everything looking good. I select the language I want, it then says preparing to install mac osx. the next screen says welcome to mac osx. to install additional apps that come with computer, it says click continue and follow the onscreen instructions. or, I can quit, choose quit from the installer menu at top left screen, and click startup disk. If I try to install the additional apps, agree to the software license agreement, it then tells me to select a destination volume to install the mac osx software. Problem is, it gives me no options, i can't click on the options button, and from here i can only go back. I tried choosing the quit option in the installer menu at top left of screen. I can either restart and be stuck in this same process, hit startup disk which it says, or don't quit. I hit startup disk, and it says select the system you want to use to start up your computer. there is a network startup or the mac osx cd to choose from. ive tried both options. the computer says it needs to restart, once it restarts nothing happens and I am stuck in these processes again. ANY HELP WOULD BE TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATED!!!!! as you can probably tell, I know nothing about computers.

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    A new hard drive must first be partitioned and formatted before you can install the operating system and then applications. You're in a loop because your new hard drive is bare....

    Boot your machine with your original install media (Leopard DVD, Tiger DVD, etc). After it boots, select Utilities, Disk Utility, from the top menu.

    You should be able to see your new hard drive listed in the left column. Highlight the line that shows capacity (should be around 149 GB), now select the desired format you wish. Be sure to select MacOS Extended (HFS +).

    Name your new drive MacIntosh HD.

    After formatting is completed, you can then proceed with installing OS X and the applications from your install DVD set.

    If all this sounds confusing, refer to the instructions on this web site. Link


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    Thank You very Much! it is all coming back to me now....I think my problem was I thought that os x is what i needed to install to get my laptop back up and running with the new HD.
    completely forgot about leopord and tiger... hopefully I can find the discs. I'm usually very organized and kept everything my macbook came in in one spot, however I must have placed the other software somewhere else. Is there a place online I could download the software if I can't find the original discs? Thanks again.

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    No that would be piracy and that is not encouraged here. Perhpas you can ring Apple with date of purchase, serial number etc and purchase a replacement set of discs.

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