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    CD won't eject.....
    I have a black Macbook 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo. My son inserted a CD (I think it was a CD of some sort from his mother's HP desktop) and I cannot get the CD to eject. It does not even show an icon for the CD on the desktop. Any help for me here before I take it to a repair place to have it "surgically" removed? I have restarted it and have held down the eject button for as long as a minute, but to no avail. Thanks for your help...

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    Give this a quick read.
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    Yeah, I'd try holding down the left mouse button (or the single button on uni-button Mac's) while powering the machine up, it forces the firmware of the Mac to make the drive eject regardless if a disc is registering or not. but the link vansmith suggested has that as first to try, usually works in most cases when a disc goes in awkwardly and doesn't register as being in the drive.
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    Hold down F12. That usually works for me after all else fails, including the eject button.

    I miss the old manual eject buttons.


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