I normally stay away from most third party add-ins;plug-ins. However I did download Saft Ver 11.01 What I got of course is the demo version. I like Saft. It does what it says, and that is without the ability to set preferences.

OK, my problem is - I want to pay the $12 - but I can’t find anyway to do it. The “company” apparently accepts only PayPal. I haven’t had a PayPal account for years. Anyone know how to legally obtain a license for this program - other that as advertised?

Also, anyone have any opinions on Saft in general? Caused any problems?

I actually downloaded twice. I decided after the first that I was not going to be able to get full benefit from it - also locked up my toolbar in full page mode. So I removed all elements including the plug-in from the OS X library. Then every time I started Safari - it reminded me to put Saft in applications. Should I decided to remove again, where is the OS finding the Saft reference at startup? How do I get rid of it?

Just think - if I had not been “playing” with computers since that Commodore 64 - I would be 10 years younger.