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    iTunes: auto shutoff?
    Hello all,

    Just got my first Mac, a Mini, and am loving it! The radio library in iTunes is incredible.

    I'd like to go to sleep to a streaming radio station, then have it shut off after a couple of hours (so as not to use station bandwidth unnecessarily). Anyone know of a way to do this? I've looked, but no luck so far.


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    Well not sure about iTunes specifically but you can set it so your computer shuts off at a certain time every night and boots up in the morning in System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Schedule.

    You could set it to shut off the mini when you are sleeping and turn on before you wake up in the morning
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    Answered my own question: . 30 days free, then a big $8.00 to buy. Cool!

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    hey, before you spend some money go to and search for "itunes sleep" bunch of free programs come up

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    For everyone, no matter why they're reading this: there are a bunch of free programs out there, that will shut down your computer for you, or turn itunes off/on, basically a way to get things down w/o writing your own applescript.

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