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    Thinking of getting a powerbook but.....
    Hi everyone, I recently got an iMac G5 and was thinking of getting a 12" powerbook. Do the 1.33GHZ models come with bluetooth and aiport built in or is that only with the new 1.5GHZ models? Thanks, Holly

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    Yes, the 1.33GHz models come with both Bluetooth and Airport, though only 256MB of RAM standard.

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    Thank you very much!!! Holly

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    Woah, you really have fallen in love with Apple haven't you, lol. Well, if you do get the Powerbook, then congratulations. It's fantastic and looks sexy. Wished I had more money to get one instead of the iBook...

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    Power Book for sale here on the forums

    the person didnt say how much, but you can contact that person.

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