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    question about text
    when i try to type a question mark or an appostraphyi dont get those characters.

    ie: question mark =
    apostraphy =

    any help is much appreciated.

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    while trying to reproduce your problem, i found the if you hold down shift+option+? you get and shift+option+' gets , then i tried the fn ? and i got + which is the + for my numberpad on my ibook, sorry i couldnt help, it might be a language setting?

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    Sounds like you may be using a keyboard that is made for both windows and mac or windows alone and you are holding down the wrong key to use either key?

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    Go to System Preferences, Click International, Click Input Menu, Make sure U.S is checked. If you dont want the flag to appear in the tool bar you can uncheck the the box below that says "Show Unput Menu in Menu bar"

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