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Thread: New switcher looking for software suggestions

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    New switcher looking for software suggestions
    I've had my Mac Mini for about a week now and I love it. It's been rock-solid and OS X is just so much smoother than XP. I'm doing my best to make the switch completely, but there are a couple of programs I use on the PC that I haven't found a good replacement for.

    The first is Roboform, which is a password manager and form-filling program. I found some other threads here that suggested some equivalents, but they don't seem to automatically recognize what site you're on and fill in the login info the way Roboform does. I'm just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for something that does this that may be newer than the older threads on the forum?

    The other program I use all the time is called Fineprint. It lets you print multiple pages on a single page (2-, 4- or 8-up) and do manual double-sided printing. There isn't a Mac version of it but can anyone suggest a similar package?

    Thanks, I appreciate any help (as well as all the help I've already found on these forums )

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    roboform: firefox has an available extension called roboform that does just that. in safari, click Safari>preferences>autofill tab> passwords and usernames.

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