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    some programs that i open make an icon to i have to click eject to get rid of it
    Hey I know its titled expose question, but i figured that so i changed this same message, this question doesn't have to do with expose:

    I am completely new to mac and i was wondering how come some programs that i open make an icon to left and i have to right click and click eject to get rid of the icon. For example, when i launch firefox it comes up with this icon on the right that says firefox, it appears right under macintosh hard drive icon

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    The icon (looks like a hard drive) that you see beneath the MacIntosh hard drive can be ejected (drag to trash) after Firefox is installed.

    To install Firefox, it must be placed in Applications. The Firefox installer should do that automatically. And when you start Firefox, its icon will appear in your DOCK. When it does, right click on it and select "keep in DOCK".

    See the following:

    Installing Applications in OS X


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    This is covered in our Sticky Thread:
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