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Thread: i got a swicher

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    i got a swicher
    ok this is it

    i was on vacation for a week at my cousins home they had 2 old computers [so old they could not have an ipod plug in to them] a once top-of-the-line penetum 1 running on windows 95 and a penetum 3 running on windows 98 while i was there the penetum 3 died and can not get to the internet. The kids there do not even have a printer to print school work. So we got home and we talked to my grandmother [who just bought a super pc and help me get my imac G5] she said that we could buy a mac mini with her credit card for her grandkids[my cousin] so i went on chose a 1.25ghz mac mini with combo drive,40gig HD,and 512 ram and got the free printer from apple. This computer is going to the best thing ever for this house.
    this computer to the computer its replacing will be like me replacing my imac g5 with the best powermac made personaly on

    so we kind of forced the switch on them but it will be wecomed by them plus if they do not like it i get a mac mini in my house

    score one for apple

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    That's great. Sounds like a win win situation to me. You got them switched or you'll get a mac mini. Thanks for sharing!

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    what a nice guy

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    That's a great little story. Proves price and quality SOMETIMES wins. haha.

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