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    DVD Guy
    Safari error help
    I manage my business remotely via the internet. One of the actions I must repeat on our server causes this pop-up from Safari...

    To open this page again, Safari must resend the form you completed to open the page the first time. This may cause the website to repeat actions it took the first time you sent the form.

    Is there a setting I can change to prevent this from happening?

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    safari>preferences>security> uncheck ask before sending a non secure form to a secure website. if thats not checked, the next time that pops up, there should be a checkbox 'Do not display this message again'.

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    DVD Guy
    I'll give it a try...THANKS!!!!!

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    DVD Guy
    Nope...still does it. I unchecked the box in the preferences but when the box comes up there is not a check box for "Do Not Display Again".

    Any other suggestions?

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    I get this message all the time via IE, and IE on a wintel machine. At work we researched it and never found a way to supress the message.

    Can you send your information via GET instead of POST? or can you have your server side language resend the info instead of refreshing a submitted form?

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    DVD Guy
    The server requires refreshing the submitted forum so I do not know how to prevent this. It is REALLY annoying!!!

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    Refreshing the page from the client isn't the only choice, nor is submitting from a form using the POST method. Maybe you can explain a bit more about what your trying to accomplish with that auto refresh.

    Are you a developer? Do you have access to the code? Or are you just trying to get a workaround together for this situation?

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    DVD Guy
    I manage my computers (which are used to run my kiosks) through a server provided for me by the parent company. When I try to change the status of an item from active to inactive, it saves the results. I then back click twice to continue changing other items. IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I BACK CLICK AND ONLY ON MY MAC. IT DOES NOT DO THS WITH MY PC. Oops...sorry for the bold.

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    well, this may have to do with the version of the browser that you are using on the PC, or how you have it configured. As I stated before, I find this action sporatic in nature, and not easily avoided. This isn't a Mac only issue, nor is it a Safari issue... its a general web browser issue.

    Still you might be able to find something in the bowels of the Safari configuration. How about IE on the Mac, same results? (I'm assuming so, but there might be additional settings available to IE that are not as easy to find in Safari).

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