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    anything to help out a potential switcher...
    I loaned my BRAND NEW 17" powerbook to my upstairs neighbor overnight! :eek: yes its true, I let her take my baby for about 18 hours. I missed it terribly but her DSL is out of order and my pb is connected to my router via aiport. She needs to check her email for work and also she is thinking about switching from her rather outdated windows 98 system. She kept saying, "I just want something that works, I HATE my old computer!" I think I have her sold on a 12" powerbook and an iPod mini. Anyways, I hope she switches!! :yinyang:


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    that is very nice of you, i would have been worried all night. well, that is how you get people to switch

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    so what are you asking for? things to encourage the switch? open lots of apps and let her play with it for a while show her itunes, garage band, etc.

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