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Thread: Question about Connecting Mac to Linksys Router

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    Question about Connecting Mac to Linksys Router
    Hello, I have a question, I have 3 computers in my house. One of which i want to replace with a MAC. So therefore i will have two PC's and 1 MAC on my wireless Network. I have a linksys router now and it works great. My Question is can i use that linksys router for the mac? I will still need to have other two PC's connect to the router at the same time as the MAC, please let me know if that is possible or if i need additional equipment.


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    In a word, yes. Macs use the same 802.11 WiFi technology as Windows machines.
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    I would add one thing to cwa107 in that you should make sure the firmware of the router is up to date. You can get the latest firmware from Linksys/Cisco's website.

    Having said that, yes, everything should be fine.

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    Yep. Connected your Mac should be a piece of cake, easier than connecting a Windows PC if you ask me. I have 2 Windows desktops (via ethernet), 1 Windows laptop (wireless), an i-Mac (via ethernet) and a Macbook Pro (wireless) all connected to my Linksys router with no problems. If you don't already just make sure you have your wireless security settings in place.

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    Yeah it works fine, just type password if your encrypted and that's that. Apple wireless cards in MacBooks are the same standard as pc-cpu's but actually pick up weaker signals much better. My reccomendation though would be if you need a new router or want faster speeds get the airport extreme. That router is amazing. Plus you can attach a hardrive to it and use as a wireless system for time machine. And to set it up on a mac is the easiest wireless setup I have ever done, but the clincher for me is the lack of keep up and work to keep it running. Haven't touched it sense.

    So yes lynksys will work fine, sorry but I fell in love with the apple router and I've been selling the crap out of them now at work (best buy) ever since. A little more money but holy cow they are flipping sweet.

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