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    Hello all. I just sold my pc laptop and picked up a G3 Lombard. Its been up graded with 512 Meg of RAM and a 60 Gig 7400 rpm Harddrive. I'm going to be using it for my MP3 jukebox and playing around with OS X which is allready on it. I have an even older 1400cs 166 that my brother is using in school but as you know OS 9 was the end of the road for it. Anyway just wanted to say hello and I'll see you all in the forums from here on out.

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    cool, welcome to the forums.

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    Congratz! We all know you will love OS X! :alien:

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    Wow and here i thought i was the only one switching to a older mac. I switched from a athlon 1800 to a sawtooth G4/500 that i used a pencil on to get 550mhz out of it. It is such a refeshment from windows, OSX ROCKS!

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    Welcome to the forums, and congratulation on your new Mac. I'm personally quite fond of older Mac's - they're great.

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    Sawtooth76, Funny, that is the very Mac that I started with OSX on 1.5 years ago now. Got it from my friends work MINT for $130! They were selling off all their old Macs for $.25 a MHZ, so I jumped at it!!! It was loaded too with new 40Gig 120GXP IBM drive, 768 Megs RAM and DVD, Modem and in mint shape. Sawtooth G4/500. Still use it for a lot of stuff here at the house. Upped the RAM to 1.5GB and HDD's to 120Gigs. It's never let me down. Real workhorse of a computer!!

    Welcome aboard!

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    I'm still amazed that the older macs can still run the latest and greatest OS X version.

    By the way if you want to have some fun reading details about every mac ever created, check this out. Interesting stuff.

    My parents had an Apple //c when I was a kid. They still have it (in storage) and I think it still works.

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