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    Jul 18, 2009
    new guy, first thread.
    hello mac guys. my pc just up and died on me a couple of weeks ago, and i was so frustrated with pc's in general i got ta thinking about alternatives. that is when i wandered into the apple section in the best buy store. i visited with a guy who's been with mac from the early days. he about had me sold on the mac book pro, so i studied that idea for a couple of days. then i discovered the imac. the best buy stores don't stock the 3.06 processor with the 1 tb hard drive. so i drive about six blocks down the street to the apple store at the mall. in stock. so i loaded it up, got it home, and it's an amazing machine, even though i haven't a clue as to its potential. i do know that it's not like a pc where you get a light gauge tin box with the cheapest components that met the specs for the lowest bid. this imac is pure quality. i'm so impressed with it. i will only use a small capacity of its potential, but it does rock.

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    Welcome to the Apple community! I made the same move about 8 months ago, then when my wife's desktop died, got her a macbook. Now we both have iPhones and are loving the Mac life!

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    Welcome. I got a Aluminum Macbook back in the begining of june, I havent got to use it to much yet but I loved what I have used of it, and I have loved the iPhone since the first one was released currently iam using a 3G one, But being an IT guy based sole on PC's Its hard to bring my mac with me to work and use it while iam trying to fix pc's

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    Welcome to the forum, you will find helpful people here if you should run into any problems or have questions.

    You have a great Mac in front of you now... Enjoy learning it and how to use it. For me it was an eye opener using Mac OS X. The Mac is so easy to use!
    My Blog: Apple Laptops

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    you'll love the mac!!! i too am a recent convert. first touched a mac a little more than a yr ago when kid insisted on mac when her laptop died. i fell 'in love'. been migrating to mac components ever since and just weeks ago replaced our pc desktop with 24" imac. with timecapsule, i absolutely love the autobackup feature...something i desperately needed to do, but didn't.

    also found apple support to be top notch. have been with pcs since xt days, so my change has been long overdue. one of the best things apple did was to put in intel chips.

    p.s. welcome to forum. no doubt, you'll stay a while - lots of good info here

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