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    How to copy/paste 'where from' info from image 'more info' window.
    Hi all,
    I've downloaded quite a few images from the web, which will be used in a pretty public exhibit in a few weeks. I should have saved all the locations from where I got the images while I was getting them, but I somehow thought my company would take care of copyright issues and so didn't. It'll take me a lot of time to try find the good images I found, and the addresses are saved as metadata, which is great, BUT, when I click on the image and view 'more info's, I am unable to easily copy the 'where from' info.

    Anyone know how I could copy and paste this easily? The addresses are so long that manually typing them would also be a pain in the ***. We're trying to display where we got the images from during the exhibit... so... anyone? Please help!

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    The easiest way I can think of is do a screenshot with the Command+Shift+4 key and select that more info "Where From" area and let go of the mouse. You will have a pic. Would that work for you or you do you need just the text in a text format?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about....
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Hey dtravis7,
    Thanks loads for the reply and the attached files But do you think there's any way I could retrieve it in text form? Because I would have to somehow insert the individual addresses into, say, a report or a spreadsheet...

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