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    After the Panzy Thing...
    Ok.. I got my g4 now I want to transfer some songs over to my mac; how do I configure this? I have my pc; a cross over cable and two nics installed. Does AppleTalk need to be installed? Or do you just share it out with the UAM so that the Mac can pick up on that volume and thus get the shared information over? Do I need to add this to my domain? Sorry for all the questions


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    Lots of options. If you have windows shares, you can point the mac to your windows share. Open finder, click Go and select network. If your PC doesn't show up, click Go again and select 'connect to server' (last option on the list). Type in your PCs IP address and log in.

    If this fails for some reason, you can always FTP the files to your mac.


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    I've found that in home networks the Mac plays nicer than the PC does, with windows sharing checked you can just use \\mymac\myusername from explorer on the PC (this has been with the mac and the pc plugged into a router) and hen copy everything over from the PC to the Mac.

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