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Thread: What Brand?

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    What Brand?
    Hey everyone. I decided to buy 2 sticks of 512 RAM for my iMac G5. I would like to know if I should get OWC, Crucial, Techworks, or Samsung sticks of RAM?

    - Just making sure, do you guys think one gig would be enough to run Adium, Quicksilver, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, iTunes and Firefox simultaneously?

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    I have 1GB in my G4 and I run those and more at the same time. 1GB is great...especially on a G5

    I trust OWC and Crucial...I bought my last stuff @ OWC but many here swear by crucial...check out their prices

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    Samsung is the brand that apple uses. I have 1GB in my iMac (1.8 ghz) and it is fantastic. I run all of those programs except for Quicksilver (never heard of it) as well as iDVD, BitTorrent, MacFLAC, Mail and Virtue constantly with no hiccups
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