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    Mar 11, 2005
    Got my iMac G5 today!!!
    My iMac G5 arrived today!!! It is the absolute perfect piece of equipment. It is so beautiful. I called two of my girlfriends and made them come over and see it. They both loved it. And besides the beauty, it is faster than my HP that I had. I love it so much and it hasn't been difficult at all! Thank you all for your responses to my other thread. I'm gonna stay up all night and play with this beautiful machine.

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    The best part of owning a mac is showing it off to people and making them be jealous or amazed. Congrats!

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    yup, congrats, its a great mac.

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    Congrats on your new system.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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    Welcome aboard! Makes me want to dump my Shuttle and buy a Mac Mini or something even more now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWhat
    The best part of owning a mac is showing it off to people and making them be jealous or amazed. Congrats!
    this is true. i invited a few of my buds over to check out my new iMac and they loved the design and the "all in one" deal. One jealous friend just looked at it and said, "where's the computer?" hahahahaha, then when he realized he started saying "hmmmm, seems you have a stuck pixel there..." he kept pointing it out, i think he was jealous.

    ENJOY your new toy!

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    *rofl* that is so typical, most of us do it also.. if we just don't want to like something we'll try to find anything we can to not like about it.. too funny

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    the best was when my friend said he would never be able to work with such a small laptop.(12") and verbally bashed my ibook and then i go over his house a few weeks later..and whatta ya know an ibook sitting in his room..BTW i think he was anticipiating it so much that like a tasmanian devil ripped the box to shreds cause all that was left were clumps of styrofoam and the grey plastic handle

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    Congrats! You'll only find more to love about it as time goes on. Its design will surely be a topic of conversation for anyone you have over that sees it for the first time. You'll proably hear "nice screen, where's the computer?" more times than you'd care to. Nice 'shameless plug' pic in your signature. Though I guess I can't really talk since I put a picture of my car in mine. :x


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