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Thread: manual shut off destroyed my computer...

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    Jul 07, 2008
    manual shut off destroyed my computer...
    so i noticed that my OS had somewhat froze as i couldnt command+tab.. and i noticed that my bar at the bottom stayed the same even after quitting applications...

    i decided to innitiante a restart by pressing the power button and hitting restart..

    i didnt think anything was happening so i decided to do a manual shut off, and when i did, i noticed the restart was starting. but the manual shut off powered down my computer.

    Then after i had turned it back on, all my preferences were gone (From the applications in use before the restart ie. ventrilo and world of warcraft)

    what should i do?

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    Jul 07, 2008
    just an update, i am noticing more osx freezes (while i try and verify disk permissions).

    EDIT: when i say lost my preferences, i mean my ventrilo is fresh its not my old one, and i cant even open up World of Warcraft, i can only fathom what else is broken cause of this.

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    Jul 07, 2008
    the computer chimes!!!
    and after a verify+repair of disc permissions, it seems like its back to normal...

    i read up somewhere about something called OnyX will that help me at all?
    and im pretty sure everything else is fine with my computer but i lost those 2 programs (which is fine, i quit )

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    Huh. Take it in to the genius bar unless someone has a better idea.
    Chris K.

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