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    keyboard questions
    In PC's keyboard, there are one "home" and one "end" key which are very useful. But in Mac's keyboard ,I couldn't find any "end" key. Is my keyboard too old? Is there any other key for the same purpose?

    Is there any bluetooth keyboard and mouse? I don't want to occupy one of my USB port for a wireless keyboard and/or a mouse. Any link to check pls.?

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    I'm using a Mac mini, does that mean I don't have to use a USB adapter for the bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse?

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    mac keyboards AFAIK have both 'home' and 'end' keys at least on the fullsize dn if not? There are BT kbs and mice for Mac and Mini's can come BTO w/internal BT for such, or use a USB adapter. Some use a USB hub to make more ports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winwingogo
    I'm using a Mac mini, does that mean I don't have to use a USB adapter for the bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse?

    Did you order an internal Bluetooth adapter when you bought it?

    I used a Microsoft keyboard/mouse combo, it isn't Bluetooth, it only take up one USB port. My logitech keyboard/mouse combo is the same way.

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    How is the Apple bluetooth keyboard? Does it have the same small profile as the keyboard that ships with macs these days?

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