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    Hey everyone! I just switched from a PC to an iMac G5. Can you guys give me info on what programs I should get and what basic things I need to do. I am also planning to get more memory to add to my puny 256MB of RAM. Should I get the EXPENSIVE memory seperate from Apple, or should I settle with Crucial or Kingston? I really want to get one gig of RAM to add to the 256 in the iMac. Please give me advice! I also want to know if there is any good freeware for Mac. Thanks in advance! Oh, and is it okay to buy online, or should I buy directly? THANKS!

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    Check this out for software:



    Below is someone's top 100 Mac OS X apps:

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    buying online is ok, just make sure they are reputable, ask around, crucial ram is not settling, its usually very good. as far as apps, macjanitor, or maintenance, or cocktail, some maintenance app, the os pretty much runs its own maintenance, all you ever have to do is repair permissions after installing updates or apps. dont use onyx or norton products. before you ask, in case, cause most do, there are NO viruses, adware, or spyware on mac, only use antivirus apps if you network with pc's, and if so, dont use nortons.
    besides that, os x should have most of what basics you need, make sure you turn on the firewall if you want to. also, if you have more than about 100 fonts, dont use fontbook for font management, I love apple, but fontbook is a waste.

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    Even though Apple's pricing on memory has come down a bit, I still wouldn't purchased from them. I buy my RAM from OWC and MacSolutions and have always been 100% satisfied with the product and service, not to mention the pricing. As for applications and freeware, check out and

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    If you follow the link in iWhat's post you will see what I recommend so I won't bother repeating... Here are a couple other places you might check:

    This is a list of lists. I find it interesting that it depends a lot on how a person uses their computer as to what they recommend.

    and here:

    Then VersionTracker and MacUpdate as Padawan mentioned. Everywhere else I can think of is linked to in the first URL. EDIT: A dupe inside a single post...

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    Concerning RAM, what does this person mean when he said it wasn't paired?

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