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Thread: Volume / Removable Storage Icon on Desktop

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    Volume / Removable Storage Icon on Desktop

    When I open some programs in mac a white volume / storage icon appears on the desktop with the program files inside.

    Why is this happening and how do I stop it.


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    Most Mac programs are distributed in "DMG" format. DMG stands for "Disk Image". When you open one of them, the file is mounted as virtual disk on your desktop. That disk opens just like a CD-ROM or a Hard Disk would. And once you're done installing the program (usually by dragging and dropping it into the Applications folder or by running its installer wizard), you may simply eject the virtual disk by dragging it to the trash.

    In short, it's working exactly as intended, the concept is probably just a little unfamiliar if you're used to the Windows world.
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    That's right. In Windows, volumes and hard drives are found under "My Computer" but on a Mac, they're automatically mounted onto the desktop.

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    What they are trying to say is you haven't really installed the program yet, you are running it from the DMG.

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    Ah yes. You have to install the app either by using its included installer OR by dragging the app icon into the Applications folder. Then drag the disk image into the trash and open up the app from the Applications folder instead.

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