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    iPhoto seems like a very nice K.I.S.S. photo editor and organizer. First impressions are good. I have a question though. Is it possible to add photo's to the liberary WITHOUT coping them to the local drive? I have photos stored on my network, and would like to add them to the liberary. But as soon as I start an 'add to liberary' process, it begins copying them to the local drive.

    I have an apple mini, and I only have 80gb. So you see my concern.

    Thanks ahead of time,

    :mac: Cheaha :mac:

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    I haven't found a way either.... iPhoto is pretty good for editing, but I wish Picasa or Irfanview were available on the mac.
    Irfanview doesn't create indexes or catalogs, but it makes it simple to browse the photos in any directory including network drives.

    I just googled around a bit and found one called Archer, I'll give it a shot later tonight:

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